Obtaining a Pardon, Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver can be complicated and confusing

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Why it’s important to remove a criminal record

Here are the top 3 reasons to remove a criminal record
(even if the charges were withdrawn or discharged)


Many employers choose to conduct a criminal record check on new hires. If you have been fingerprinted by the police, it will still show up in a record check and could potentially jeopardize your employment and reputation. Fast Canadian Pardons can help you avoid this issue.


Did you know that if you are denied entry to the US you will have little recourse to recoup monies spent on your trip (flights, hotels, etc)? Avoid potential financial penalties and unnecessary embarrassment by checking your Criminal Record status today.

Peace Of Mind

At Fast Canadian Pardons we want to remove the stress and questions that arise from having a criminal record. A criminal record does not have to be permanent. Fast Canadian Pardons can help facilitate a Pardon, Record Suspension or File Destruction and let you get on with your life.

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Record Suspensions

A record suspension or pardon clears your criminal record giving you a fresh start.

US Entry Waiver

This will allow a non-U.S. citizen access into the United States despite having a criminal record.

Canadian Entry Waiver

Enter Canada despite having a DUI or serious criminal record.

Cannabis Record Suspension

Remove barriers that a conviction of cannabis possession creates.

Answer a few simple questions. Let us deal with the paperwork.

We will organize and file all the required forms for your situation and walk you through the entire process for a stress-free experience.


You can get a job with a criminal record, but it might become an obstacle if a background check is required. Many employers, particularly in large organizations, will run a criminal record check before hiring a new person.
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When a criminal record can be expunged depends on the nature of the record. A criminal conviction record stays with you unless you take steps to receive a Record Suspension, also called a pardon.
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Yes, but you need to be sure to do all of the paperwork properly. Having experts analyze your file taking your employment situation, immigration status, work expectations and travel plans into account means that you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve hit all the right marks. We never do unnecessary paperwork, or paperwork that would put you in a worse situation.
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You have a criminal record if you committed an offence as an adult and were convicted in a court of law. You may have had contact with authorities over the course of your life.
But, whether or not you have a criminal record can be a source of some confusion. Some incidents are handled differently than others, and your situation may fall into a grey area. To know for sure, you may have to look at your own criminal record to see what information it holds.
If you are over the age of 18 and have been convicted of a criminal offence, you do have a criminal record. Provincial offences, such as those related to liquor or driving, will not show up on a criminal record. You should be aware, however, that some driving offences, like DUIs, can be criminal offences that will show up on your criminal record.
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Pardon & US Entry Waiver Services

Easy to understand guidelines for record suspensions, Canadian entry waivers, US entry waivers, and cannabis record suspensions .