Canadian Entry Waiver

A Temporary Resident Permit is required if you have an offence that could be considered indictable under the Canadian Criminal Code (DUI and all other imapired driving offences). Even though you may be otherwise inadmissible to Canada, you may be issued a Temporary Resident Permit.

You may not need a Temporary Resident Permit if enough time has passed that you can apply for Criminal Rehabilitation or be Deemed Rehabilitated. In order to get a Temporary Resident Permit, you must have compelling reasons for wanting to come to Canada and your presence must outweigh any risk to Canadians or Canadian society. You should apply for a Temporary Resident Permit if other avenues for overcoming criminal inadmissibility to Canada are closed to you.

If you have been denied access to Canada do not lose hope; our experts can help you move through the necessary processes to restore your eligibility.